About our Association

The Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers is the leading Association of Independent Wealth Managers, collectively shaping our industry through collaboration and knowledge sharing to excel for our clients independently. What started as an informal exchange among prominent Swiss wealth management companies in 2013 was formalised in 2016 with the establishment of our Association.

Today, we proudly represent some of the largest wealth managers in Switzerland, who each independently manage at least one billion Swiss Francs in client assets. Over the years, our alliance has grown, and our members now represent over 100 billion Swiss Francs in client assets.

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Our Mission

The Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers enables its members to shape the industry narrative through a combination of shared experience, collaboration and building best practices on a regional and national level. Through this collaborative approach, our wealth managers seek to mutually reinforce each other with new and innovative ideas and solutions.

The association is engaged in various work areas focusing on exchange – sharing of ideas among leading wealth managers, fostering increased professionalism, development and opportunity.

To this end, we organise numerous events featuring industry specialists, culminating in our annual strategy conference. Such collaborative efforts have already led to exciting partnerships and business mergers, resulting in tangible benefits for clients who choose our members as their independent wealth managers.


The Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers Board comprises experienced representatives from some of the largest Swiss wealth managers. To ensure diversity and dynamism, the Board undergoes regular renewal, and all members actively participate in the association’s program through regular meetings.

Board Members volunteer their time, and membership fees are primarily utilised for events across Switzerland.

Nicole Curti - Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers

Nicole Curti


Capital Y

Markus Wintsch - Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers

Markus Wintsch

Vice President

swisspartners Group

Olivier Bizon

Board Member

1875 Finance

Viktor Fischer

Board Member

Reuss Private Group

Amélie Janssens

Board Member

NS Partners

Wicky Meyer

Board Member

Tramondo Investment Partners

David Nordmann - Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers

David Nordmann

Board Member

Tareno AG

Anja Römer - Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers

Anja Römer

Board Member

Avalor Investment AG

Gabriele Rossi

Board Member

LFG Holding SA

Steve Smith

Board Member

CdR Capital

Alain Vukic - Alliance Swiss Wealth Managers

Alen Vukic

Board Member

Copernicus Wealth Management

Anna Waibel

Board Member

Prime Partners

Andrijana Kosic

Secretary General

Andrijana Kosic

Secretary General

Andrijana Kosic

Secretary General

Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers

Become a Member

Independent wealth management companies managing at least one billion Swiss francs of client assets and conducting most of their business in Switzerland qualify to become members. 

The membership application requires some information, which will be reviewed by the Board members below. This information is necessary so that the association can set the appropriate priorities.

New members are always welcome!

At least