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Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers

The leading independent wealth managers united, to share know-how and to influence the industry

Who we are

In 2016, fourteen leading Swiss wealth managers founded the Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers. Since then, a number of other large wealth managers have joined, and currently, the members of the alliance represent more than 100 billion Swiss Francs in client assets.
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The Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers enables its members to regularly exchange experience and know-how on a regional and national level. In this way, prominent wealth managers seek to mutually strengthen each other through new and innovative ideas.

The association is involved in various fields of work, focusing on solutions. In addition, such open exchange among leading wealth managers makes it possible to further increase the level of professionalism and benefit from knowledge gained within the industry. To this end, numerous events covering various topics are held in which industry specialists take part, culminating in the annual strategy conference.

This undertaking has already resulted in exciting partnerships or even mergers of business units. As a result, clients who choose our members as independent wealth managers benefit from our shared efforts.

Swiss Wealth Management Industry

In general, the financial services sector and the wealth management business, in particular, have traditionally played a significant role in the Swiss economy. Thanks to their continuity and independence, wealth managers enjoy the trust of their valued clients.

The more extensive a client’s assets are, the more critical it is to diversify them across different banks to minimize the risk further. Accordingly, this first stage of diversification is one of the essential principles in preserving and managing assets. Moreover, managing assets at different banks is a considerable challenge and are one of the core competencies of a wealth manager.

Wealth managers are primarily former bank employees who have pursued an independent route to a working environment with more freedom.

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The Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers has grown rapidly since its founding and, as a result, its members represent the main Swiss financial centres. Accordingly, the association plays a vital role in the Swiss financial community.

Over the years, our members have focused on particular client domiciles and offer services tailored to these. However, the association makes the expertise of its members transparent for the guidance of all interested parties.


What began in 2013 with a loose exchange among some prominent Swiss wealth management companies was subsequently formalised in 2016 with the founding of the Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers. Since then, the group has grown to over thirty members in all regions of Switzerland.

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Become a Member

Independent wealth management companies managing at least one billion Swiss francs of client assets and conducting most of their business in Switzerland qualify to become members. New members are always welcome!

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The Board comprises several experienced representatives of the largest Swiss Wealth Managers. To maintain diversity and dynamism, the Board renews itself regularly and regular meetings allow all members to participate in the association’s program actively.

The Board Members give their time voluntarily, which means that membership fees are mainly used for events in all parts of Switzerland.

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