Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers

Leading Association of Independent Wealth Managers, collectively shaping our industry through collaboration and knowledge sharing to excel for our clients independently.

About our Association

What started as an informal exchange among prominent Swiss wealth management companies in 2013 was formalised in 2016 with the establishment of our Association.

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The financial services sector, particularly wealth management, has long played a significant role in the Swiss economy. Thanks to their continuity and independence, wealth managers enjoy the trust of their valued clients. 


Diversifying assets across different banks becomes even more critical to minimise risk as assets become broader. Therefore, diversification across banks is fundamental in asset preservation and management. Managing assets at different banks is a significant challenge and a core competency of a wealth manager. 


Wealth managers primarily comprise former bank employees who have pursued an independent route to a working environment with more freedom.


The Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers has a diverse membership base representing all parts of Switzerland. We organise events at various locations, including expert presentations on education, digitalisation, custodian banks, investments, and price synergies. 

Additionally, our annual C-Level Summit provides a platform for strategic discussions. Membership fees are utilised for the events mentioned above and marketing activities. Notably, since 2022, we also organise the Custodian Bank Award, where the Swiss Wealth Managers evaluate the banks.

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Our Mission

The Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers enables its members to shape the industry narrative through a combination of shared experience, collaboration and building best practices on a regional and national level. Through this collaborative approach, our wealth managers seek to mutually reinforce each other with new and innovative ideas and solutions.

Become a Member

Independent wealth management companies managing at least one billion Swiss francs of client assets and conducting most of their business in Switzerland qualify to become members. 

The membership application requires some information, which will be reviewed by the Board members below. This information is necessary so that the association can set the appropriate priorities.

New members are always welcome!

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